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Ubersuggest Review 2023: Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Are you tired of spending hours on keyword research and SEO analysis? Look no further! Ubersuggest is the ultimate tool that will revolutionize the way you optimize your website. In this Ubersuggest review we’ll take a close look at its user-friendly interface and powerful features, that make it easy to find the perfect keywords, analyze your competitors, and skyrocket your search engine rankings. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions. Get ready to unlock the secrets of SEO success with Ubersuggest!


  1. Ability to export files and generated reports
  2. Insights into social media performance
  3. Cost-effective in comparison to alternative SEO tools
  4. Browser extension for Chrome users
  5. Complimentary training sessions for crafting an effective SEO strategy
  6. Exceptional onboarding tutorial video
  7. Unearth valuable keywords and content inspiration
  8. User-friendly interface


  1. The Free plan offers limited competitor analysis capacity.
  2. The Free trial is only 7-days long.
  3. Performance may experience slowdowns when simultaneously generating two reports.
ubersuggest review: ingerface

User Interface and User Experience

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are crucial aspects of any digital tool, and Ubersuggest doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The platform is designed with usability and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that both beginners and experienced marketers can navigate and harness its features effectively.

Ubersuggest boasts a clean and intuitive interface that welcomes users with a straightforward layout. Its menus and navigation are logically organized, making it easy to find the tools and features you need. Whether you’re conducting keyword research, analyzing competitors, or auditing your website, Ubersuggest’s user interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Ubersuggest does an excellent job of presenting its multitude of features in an accessible manner. Each tool is neatly categorized, with clear labels and icons for easy identification. Whether you’re seeking keyword insights or conducting site audits, you’ll find the relevant features just a click away.

The keyword research tool is particularly user-friendly. Simply enter your target keyword, and Ubersuggest provides a wealth of information in a comprehensible format.

Analyzing competitors is made intuitive on Ubersuggest. Enter a competitor’s domain, and you’ll receive a detailed report on their top-performing pages, organic keywords, and backlink profile. The information is neatly presented, allowing you to glean valuable insights effortlessly.

Ubersuggest combines functionality with a visually appealing design. Charts, graphs, and visual data representations make it easier to grasp complex metrics and trends at a glance. The user experience is further enhanced with interactive features and tooltips that provide additional context.

Is Ubersuggest good? Key Features of the SEO tool

When it comes to optimizing your online presence and dominating the digital landscape,
having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. Ubersuggest is one such tool that has
gained significant attention in the realm of digital marketing and SEO. In this section,
we’ll delve into the key features that make Ubersuggest a go-to choice for marketers and
website owners looking to boost their online performance.

Ubersuggest review: Keyword research

Keyword Research

At the heart of Ubersuggest’s functionality lies its robust keyword research tool. It allows
you to explore a vast array of keywords related to your niche or industry. Simply enter a
keyword or phrase, and Ubersuggest provides you with valuable insights, including
search volume, competition level, and keyword difficulty, cost per click and paid difficulty.
Ubersuggest also gives you related keywords, suggestrions and questrion keywords that
help you find more keywords to differentiate youre keyword research even more and help
you identify high-potential keywords to target in your content and SEO strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitors is vital in the world of digital marketing. Ubersuggest’s
competitor analysis feature lets you dissect your rivals’ strategies. You can enter a
competitor’s domain, and the tool will reveal critical data such as their top-performing
pages, backlink profile, and organic keywords. Armed with this information, you can finetune your own strategies and gain a competitive edge. In one of the next sections we’ll
dive deeper into that topic, because personnaly I think thats one of the most important
areas to become good at if you want to improve youre SEO strategy.

Site Audit

Maintaining a healthy website is paramount for SEO success. Ubersuggest’s site audit
tool performs a comprehensive analysis of your website, identifying issues that may
hinder your search engine rankings. It checks for factors like broken links, missing meta
tags, and page speed, allowing you to address these issues and improve your site’s
overall performance.

Content Ideas: Ubersuggest

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and Ubersuggest recognizes their importance. With
this tool, you can evaluate your backlink profile and pinpoint opportunities for
improvement. Discover the sources of your backlinks, their quality, and assess your
domain authority. This feature aids in building a strong and credible online presence. You
can also check the backlink profile of your competition and look where the top ranking
pages have their backlinks from. Maybe that way you find even more quality backlinks
that will help you rank youre page on the first page of google.

Content Ideas

Struggling to come up with fresh content ideas? Ubersuggest can help. It generates
content suggestions based on popular topics and keywords in your niche. Additionally, it
provides insights into what’s currently trending, ensuring your content remains relevant
and engaging for your audience.

These are the core features that make Ubersuggest a valuable asset for digital
marketers and website owners. Whether you’re looking to enhance your keyword
strategy, outperform your competitors, optimize your website, or generate compelling
content ideas, Ubersuggest’s user-friendly interface and powerful tools make the process
easier and more effective. It’s a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing Swiss army
knife that can elevate your online presence and help you achieve your goals.

Ubersuggest Review: Competitor Analysis

Now how can you use all this features to analyse youre competitors and always be one step ahead?

In this section I will show you exactly how you’ll do that and provide you a step-bystep guidance on how to use the features presented in the section above, to leverage them effectively for your digital marketing success.
Stay tuned for more insights into the world of Ubersuggest and how it can supercharge
your online efforts.

By understanding what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which ones they are using in their content, you can fine-tune your own SEO and content strategies for improved performance.

1. Identify Your Competitors

Before you can start analyzing your competition, you need to identify who your main competitors are in your industry or niche. Ubersuggest makes this process straightforward. Simply enter your own domain or a keyword related to your business into the search bar. Ubersuggest will generate a list of websites that are competing for similar keywords and audience attention.

2. Analyze Competitor’s Top Pages

Once you have a list of competitors, you can delve deeper into their strategies by analyzing their topperforming pages. Ubersuggest provides data on the pages that receive the most organic traffic for your competitors. By clicking on these pages, you can gain insights into the type of content that resonates with your shared audience.

3. Explore Competitor’s Organic Keywords

Ubersuggest also allows you to see the organic keywords your competitors are ranking for. This feature is crucial for discovering new keyword opportunities and understanding which keywords are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites. As discused before you can view keyword metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and the ranking position of your competition for each keyword.

4. Discover Content Gaps

By comparing your own keyword strategy to that of your competitors, you can identify content gaps and opportunities. Look for keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but you are not. These keywords may represent untapped potential for your content marketing efforts.

Backlinks play a significant role in SEO success. Ubersuggest’s competitor analysis feature also provides insights into the backlinks your competitors have acquired. You can explore the sources of these backlinks and identify potential link-building opportunities for your own website.

6. Benchmark Your Performance

By regularly monitoring your competitors using Ubersuggest, you can benchmark your website’s performance against theirs. This allows you to adapt and refine your strategies in real-time to stay competitive in your industry.

7. Stay Informed and Stay Ahead

Competitor analysis is an ongoing process. Ubersuggest helps you stay informed about the changing landscape of your industry and the strategies your competitors are employing. Use this information to adapt and evolve your own digital marketing and SEO efforts. Incorporating competitor analysis into your digital marketing strategy with Ubersuggest is a smart move. It provides you with actionable insights that can help you uncover new keywords, optimize your content, and ultimately outperform your competition in the digital space. Remember that staying ahead in the online world requires continuous research and adaptation, and Ubersuggest is your reliable partner in this journey. Certainly, here’s the content for the topic “Traffic Section on Ubersuggest” that explains how people can use Ubersuggest to get a traffic overview of their keyword and analyze the top-ranking pages for that keyword:

Ubersuggest review: Pricing

Ubersuggest Pricing: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Needs

Understanding the pricing structure of Ubersuggest is essential to make an informed decision about
using this powerful SEO and digital marketing tool. Whether you’re a solo blogger, a small business
owner, or part of a larger marketing team, Ubersuggest offers a range of pricing plans to cater to
different needs and budgets.

1. Free Plan

Ubersuggest offers a free plan that allows you to access some of its basic features. With the free plan,
you can perform:

  1. Limited keyword research
  2. Analyze basic site metrics

That way you get a taste of Ubersuggest’s capabilities, but it’s important to mention that with the
free plan you only get 3 keywords that you can search for. Nevertheless it’s an excellent option for
beginners or those looking to explore the tool’s potential before committing to a paid plan.

Free-Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

Ubersuggest also offers a Free-Trial, where you can explore it’s premium features for 7-days risk free.
They also have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

2. Individual Plan

If you’re a solo marketer or a small business owner looking to step up your SEO game, the Individual
Plan may be the right choice. This plan comes at an monthly fee of $29 or an annual fee of $290. It
provides you with expanded access to Ubersuggest’s features, including:

  • Reports Per Day: 150
  • Projects / Websites: 1
  • Chrome Extension Search Limits: 150
  • Rank Tracking: 125 per project / refreshes daily
  • Site Audit: 1,000 pages that can get crawled / refreshes weekly
  • Keyword Research: 20,000 suggestions / month
  • Full Competitive Analysis
  • Backlinks: 2000 backlinks to the given URL / Link history 3 years

The Individual Plan is suitable for individuals or small teams looking to improve their website’s performance and visibility in search engines.

3. Business Plan

For larger businesses and marketing agencies with more extensive needs, the Business Plan offers
advanced features and scalability. It’s designed to accommodate the demands of multiple users and
websites. It costs $49 per month or $490 per year. With the Business Plan, you can expect:

  • Reports Per Day: 300
  • Projects / Websites: 7
  • Chrome Extension Search Limits: 300
  • Rank Tracking: 150 per project / refreshes daily
  • Site Audit: 5,000 pages that can get crawled / refreshes weekly
  • Keyword Research: 50,000 suggestions / month
  • Full Competitive Analysis
  • Backlinks: 5,000 backlinks to the given URL / Link history 3 years

The Business Plan is ideal for agencies and businesses with a strong focus on SEO and digital
marketing, where collaboration and comprehensive analysis are crucial.

4. Enterprise / Agency

Ubersuggest also offers a customized Enterprise Plan tailored to the specific requirements of large
enterprises and corporations. The Enterprise Plan costs $99 per month or $990 per year. This plan provides a high level of flexibility, including personalized
support, advanced reporting, and custom solutions to address unique challenges.

  • Reports Per Day: 900
  • Projects / Websites: 15
  • Chrome Extension Search Limits: 900
  • Rank Tracking: 3000 per project / refreshes daily
  • Site Audit: 10,000 pages that can get crawled / refreshes weekly
  • Keyword Research: 100,000 suggestions / month
  • Full Competitive Analysis
  • Backlinks: 10,000 backlinks to the given URL / Link history 3 years


To every plan you can choose a variety of Add-ons that each cost a additional 5$ per month. The
different Add-ons are:

  • Additional 500 Daily Searches
  • Additional Domains (includes 125 keywords, 3 competitors)
  • Additional 250 Tracked Keywords
  • Additional Competitor Domains
  • Additional Users

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right Ubersuggest pricing plan depends on your specific needs, the scale of your online
presence, and your budget. It’s advisable to start with the free plan to get a feel for the tool and then
consider upgrading to a paid plan as your requirements grow.
Remember that Ubersuggest is a versatile tool that can help you with keyword research, competitor
analysis, site optimization, and content planning. Selecting the right plan ensures that you have
access to the features necessary for achieving your digital marketing goals. Assess your needs,
explore the available plans, and make an informed choice to optimize your online presence

TIPP: If you’re not sure yet, just sign in for the Free-Trial, where you can take a look by
yourself on the premium features that Ubersuggest offers. There are no downsides, if you like the
tool you can start with a paid plan and if find out that it might not be the right tool for you, you can
take a look for alternatives. If you’re one of these people I recommend you take a look at my other
review about Semrush, an other Keyword research tool with simelar features.

Ubersuggest: Alternatives

Ubersuggest Alternatives

When considering alternatives to Ubersuggest, it’s important to weigh the specific needs of your
digital marketing strategy, budget constraints, and the features that align with your goals. Here, we’ll
take a closer look at three popular alternatives: Semrush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu, to help you make an
informed choice.

1. Semrush

  • Recommended for: Semrush is a versatile platform suitable for marketers, businesses, and agencies at
    various stages of growth. Generally I recommend Semrush for individuals, businesses, and agencies
    who are willing to invest more in a tool that provides comprehensive SEO oversight and an extensive
    range of digital marketing features.It’s especially valuable for those seeking a comprehensive suite of
    SEO and digital marketing tools. If you’re intrested click here so you can take a look at my Semrush
  • Pricing Structure: Semrush offers tiered pricing plans, with options ranging from Pro to Guru,
    Business, and Enterprise. Pricing depends on the level of access to features and data, it varies
    between 108$ up to 416$. While there’s no free plan, Semrush does provide a limited 14-Day FreeTrial.
  • Key Features: SEMrush specializes in competitive analysis, keyword research, content optimization,
    and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising insights. It offers tools for tracking rankings, backlink analysis, and
    site auditing. Semrush also provides valuable data on competitors’ strategies and some expert
    features, which can be critical for success in digital marketing. If want to learn more about Semrush and it’s features go check out my other blog post.

2. Ahrefs

  • Recommended for: Ahrefs is ideal for SEO professionals, marketers, and businesses looking to excel in
    backlink analysis and site auditing. It’s highly recommended for those who prioritize link-building
  • Pricing Structure: Ahrefs offers competitive pricing with four plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and
    Agency. The cost varies based on the features and data access. While there’s no free plan, Ahrefs
    provides a 7-day trial for a nominal fee.
  • Key Features: Ahrefs specializes in backlink analysis, keyword research, site auditing, and competitive
    research. It’s renowned for its vast backlink database, making it a top choice for tracking and
    analyzing backlink profiles. Site auditing tools help improve website health and performance.

3. SpyFu

  • Recommended for: SpyFu is a valuable tool for individuals, small businesses, and marketers looking to
    dive into competitor analysis and keyword research.
  • Pricing Structure: SpyFu offers competitive pricing, including a Basic plan and a Professional plan.
    There’s also a Team plan for collaborative work. SpyFu provides limited access to certain features for
    free, and it offers a reasonably priced trial.
  • Key Features: SpyFu specializes in competitor analysis, keyword research, and PPC ad research. It
    helps users understand their competitors’ strategies, including their organic and paid keyword
    rankings. This data can be pivotal for crafting effective digital marketing campaigns.

In summary, selecting the right alternative to Ubersuggest hinges on your specific needs and
objectives. Semrush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu each offer distinct features and pricing structures. SEMrush
caters to comprehensive digital marketing needs, Ahrefs excels in backlink analysis and site auditing,
while SpyFu focuses on competitor analysis and keyword research. Evaluate your priorities and
budget to make an informed choice that aligns with your digital marketing goals.


As we draw the curtain on this Ubersuggest review, it’s clear that this tool is not just a valuable addition to your digital marketing arsenal; it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking for comprehensive insights or a newcomer aiming to boost your online presence, Ubersuggest has something extraordinary to offer.

From its user-friendly interface and intuitive features to its extensive keyword research capabilities and competitor analysis tools, Ubersuggest provides a one-stop solution for all your SEO and digital marketing needs. It’s not just about data; it’s about actionable insights that can propel your strategies forward.

Unlocking the power of Ubersuggest means having the edge in keyword research, understanding your competition like never before, and fine-tuning your website for optimal performance. It’s about staying ahead in the digital landscape and achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of.

So, why wait? Dive into Ubersuggest and discover the limitless possibilities it holds for your digital marketing journey. Whether you’re vying for higher search engine rankings, crafting compelling content, or outperforming your competitors, Ubersuggest is your trusted companion on the road to online success.

TIPP: Just sign in for the Free-Trial and explore the premium features youreself with no risk.

Make the shift today and witness the transformation. Ubersuggest isn’t just a tool; it’s your ticket to digital marketing excellence. Elevate your game, seize the opportunities, and set your sights on unparalleled success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.