You are currently viewing MailerLite vs ActiveCampaign 2023 – Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool? 

MailerLite vs ActiveCampaign 2023 – Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool? 

When it comes to selecting the ideal email marketing tool, the choice often boils down to prominent contenders like MailerLite vs ActiveCampaign. Selecting the perfect ally among the myriad of tools available is paramount. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the world of MailerLite and ActiveCampaign, two prominent email marketing platforms. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer seeking advanced automation or a beginner looking for simplicity, this exploration will guide you towards making the right choice for your email marketing journey. Join us as we dissect features, assess usability, and unveil the pros and cons of mailerlite vs activecampaign. Your ideal email marketing ally awaits.

Pricing Structure: Comparing Costs

MailerLite Pricing

Firstly, let’s take a look at the pricing structure of MailerLite. MailerLite offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. The plans are based on the number of subscribers you have, and they start from $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers. The most popular plan is the $18 per month plan, which allows up to 500 subscribers and advanced features like AI writing assistant or custom HTML editor. There is also a free plan, which allows you to send up to 12,000 monthly emails. You can only use the free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers.

Mailerlite vs ActiveCampaign: Mailerlite Pricing

AciveCampaign Pricing

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign offers a range of pricing plans based on the features you need. The plans start from $49 per month for the Plus plan, which includes email marketing, marketing automation, and other different features. The Professional plan costs $149 per month and includes site messaging, attribution, and predictive sending. Finally, the Enterprise plan is customizable and includes unlimited sending, custom reporting, and some other features.

Mailerlite vs Activecampaign: Activecampaign Pricing

If you want to inform youreself more about the different pricing structures you can click the following links to get to their websites. Here is the link for MailerLite: and here is the link for ActiveCampaign:

Free Trials

Both MailerLite and ActiveCampaign offer free trials so that you can test their services before committing to a paid plan. MailerLite offers a 30-days free trial  to acces the premium features and ActiveCampaign has a 14-days free trial.

In conclusion, both MailerLite and ActiveCampaign offer competitive pricing structures with different features to suit different business needs. If you’re looking for an affordable email marketing platform with unlimited emails and access to all features, then MailerLite might be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features such as CRM with sales automation or predictive sending, then ActiveCampaign might be the better option. Don’t forget to take advantage of their free trials before making your final decision!

Email Marketing Features Showdown

MailerLite offers a range of features to help businesses create and send effective email campaigns. Some of the key features include:

  • Drag-and-drop editor: MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create professional-looking emails without any coding knowledge.
  • Automation: MailerLite’s automation feature allows businesses to send targeted emails based on subscriber behavior, such as abandoned cart emails or welcome emails.
  • A/B testing: MailerLite’s A/B testing feature allows businesses to test different email subject lines, content, and send times to optimize their campaigns.
  • Analytics: MailerLite provides detailed analytics on email campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber behavior.

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign offers a range of advanced features to help businesses create highly personalized and targeted email campaigns. Some of the key features include:

  • Marketing automation: ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation feature allows businesses to create complex automation workflows based on subscriber behavior.
  • CRM: ActiveCampaign’s CRM feature allows businesses to manage their contacts and track their interactions with them.
  • Lead scoring: ActiveCampaign’s lead scoring feature allows businesses to prioritize leads based on their behavior and engagement with email campaigns.
  • Predictive sending: ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending feature uses machine learning to optimize send times for each individual subscriber.

Both MailerLite and ActiveCampaign offer a range of features to suit different business needs. When comparing the two products, it is important to note that both offer similar email marketing features such as automation, segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, and API access. Also, ActiveCampaign offers more advanced features such as predictive sending AI and attribution reporting in its higher-tier plans. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced platform with features such as CRM or predictive sending, then ActiveCampaign might be the better option.

Automation Capabilities: Workflow Efficiency

When comparing mailerlite vs activecampaign, one crucial aspect to consider is their automation capabilities, particularly regarding workflow efficiency.


ActiveCampaign is known for its robust automation features. It allows you to create complex, highly customized workflows with ease. The platform offers a visual automation builder, making it simple to design intricate email sequences and automation rules. Whether you want to send personalized emails based on user behavior or set up drip campaigns, ActiveCampaign provides a comprehensive set of tools. If you want to get a closer look at the features of ActiveCampaign you can go and have a look at my other blog post.


While MailerLite’s automation features are more streamlined compared to ActiveCampaign, they still offer essential automation capabilities. You can create automated workflows for tasks like welcoming new subscribers, sending follow-up emails, or segmenting your email list based on user actions. MailerLite’s automation is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for those new to email marketing automation.

Automation capabilities are a critical factor to consider when choosing between MailerLite and ActiveCampaign, particularly if you have specific workflow requirements. While ActiveCampaign offers more advanced automation options, MailerLite provides a user-friendly solution that might suffice for simpler automation needs.

Design and User Interface: A User-Friendly Comparsion


MailerLite’s design is clean and intuitive, making it easy for beginners to navigate. Its user interface is straightforward, with clear labels and minimalistic design elements. This simplicity reduces the learning curve for new users.

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ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, offers a more complex interface with a multitude of features. While this might seem overwhelming at first, it provides users with more control and customization options. The platform’s design is modern and professional, reflecting its comprehensive capabilities.

activecampaign interfacee

Templates and Customization: Tailoring Your Emails

When comparing mailerlite vs activecampaign, one of the critical factors to consider is the availability of templates and the level of customization for your email campaigns.


ActiveCampaign offers a wide range of professionally designed email templates. These templates are not only visually appealing but also highly customizable. You can modify layout, colors, fonts, and add your branding elements. The platform also allows for dynamic content, enabling you to personalize emails based on subscriber data. If you have coding skills, you can go even further and create entirely custom templates.


MailerLite provides a selection of responsive email templates that are both stylish and functional. While the number of templates may be fewer than what ActiveCampaign offers, they are designed for easy customization. The drag-and-drop email editor allows you to personalize templates effortlessly. You can adjust colors, fonts, and add your logo. MailerLite also allows for dynamic content and personalized elements in emails.

The choice between MailerLite and ActiveCampaign in terms of templates and customization depends on your specific design needs. ActiveCampaign offers more templates and advanced customization options, making it suitable for those who prioritize design flexibility. In contrast, MailerLite provides a user-friendly environment for easy template customization, which is excellent for users looking for simplicity and efficiency.

Subscriber Management and Segmentation: Handling Your Audience


ActiveCampaign excels in subscriber management and segmentation capabilities. The platform offers robust tools for organizing and categorizing your subscriber list. You can create detailed segments based on subscriber behavior, engagement, and other criteria. ActiveCampaign’s automation features also allow for dynamic list management, ensuring that your subscribers receive content tailored to their interests. This level of segmentation empowers you to send highly targeted and personalized emails.


MailerLite provides effective subscriber management and segmentation tools, although they are somewhat simpler compared to ActiveCampaign. You can organize subscribers into groups and segments based on various parameters, such as location, behavior, and subscription date. While not as intricate as ActiveCampaign, MailerLite’s segmentation features still allow you to send relevant content to specific segments of your audience.

Analytics and Reporting: Data That Matters

mailerlite vs activecampaign

ActiveCampaign offers robust analytics and reporting features that provide in-depth insights into your email campaigns. You can track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and subscriber engagement over time. The platform also enables you to monitor the performance of individual emails and automation workflows. Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers A/B testing tools to optimize your email content based on real data. ActiveCampaign provides more advanced reporting options compared to MailerLite, including attribution reporting, custom reports, and more advanced A/B split testing. This means that with ActiveCampaign, you can gain deeper insights into the performance of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

MailerLite provides a user-friendly analytics dashboard that offers essential email campaign metrics, including open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates. It also offers a visual representation of subscriber growth trends. While MailerLite’s analytics may not be as extensive as ActiveCampaign’s, it provides the necessary data for most email marketing campaigns.

Mailerlite vs ActiveCampaign: Analytics

Customer Support: Assessing Quality and Responsiveness


ActiveCampaign prides itself on providing exceptional customer support. It offers multiple avenues for assistance, including email, chat, and phone support. Users often commend ActiveCampaign’s knowledgeable and responsive support team, who are readily available to address inquiries and troubleshoot issues. This level of support is particularly advantageous for businesses that require timely assistance for complex email marketing campaigns.


MailerLite also offers reliable customer support, albeit with a slight difference in accessibility. It primarily provides support through email and chat. Users find MailerLite’s support team to be knowledgeable and helpful. While it may lack phone support, MailerLite compensates with an extensive knowledge base and comprehensive documentation, making it a valuable resource for users seeking self-help solutions.

Deliverability Rates: Ensuring Your Emails Land

Deliverability rates are a crucial aspect of email marketing, as they determine the success of your campaigns. When it comes to ensuring that your emails land in the inbox, there are several factors to consider.


ActiveCampaign maintains a strong reputation for email deliverability. They actively monitor and manage email sending practices to ensure that your emails reach subscribers’ inboxes rather than being filtered as spam. Additionally, the platform provides tools and guidance to optimize your email content and sender reputation, further enhancing deliverability rates. ActiveCampaign’s commitment to high deliverability makes it a dependable choice for businesses aiming to reach their audience effectively.


MailerLite also places a strong emphasis on email deliverability. They employ various strategies, including authentication protocols like DKIM and SPF, to enhance email delivery rates. The platform offers a user-friendly interface for optimizing your email content and conducting A/B tests to improve engagement. While MailerLite’s deliverability is generally robust, users must maintain list hygiene and adhere to best practices to maximize success.

Integration and APIs: Extending Functionality

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach out to their customers. However, to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, it is essential to integrate your email marketing tool with other applications and services. In this article, we will discuss the importance of integration and APIs in email marketing.

Integration and APIs

Integration and APIs are essential aspects of email marketing that can help you extend the functionality of your email marketing tool. By integrating your email marketing tool with other applications and services, you can automate tasks, streamline workflows, and improve your overall productivity.

For example, you can integrate your email marketing tool with your CRM system to automatically add new subscribers to your email list. You can also integrate your email marketing tool with your e-commerce platform to send targeted emails based on customer behavior.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of protocols that allow different applications to communicate with each other. Email marketing tools such as mailerlite and activecampaign offer APIs that you can use to integrate your email marketing tool with other applications and services.

It makes sense to add images in your emails where it can help convey your message better. For example, if you are promoting a new product, you can add images of the product in your email. Similarly, if you are sending out a newsletter, you can add images related to the topics covered in the newsletter.

mailerlite vs activecampaign

Both mailerlite and activeampaign offer integration and API capabilities that can help you extend the functionality of your email marketing campaigns. However, ActiveCampaign offers more advanced integration capabilities such as Salesforce integration, Shopify integration, and Zapier integration. If you are looking for more advanced integration capabilities, then ActiveCampaign is the better choice.

In conclusion, integration and APIs are essential aspects of email marketing that can help you extend the functionality of your email marketing campaigns. By integrating your email marketing tool with other applications and services using APIs, you can automate tasks, streamline workflows, and improve your overall productivity.

Compliance and Security: Protecting Your Data

Compliance and security are two essential aspects of protecting your data. With the rise of remote work, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your data is secure and that you’re complying with relevant regulations.


ActiveCampaign places a strong emphasis on compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). The platform offers tools for managing subscriber consent and preferences, ensuring you adhere to legal requirements. In terms of security, ActiveCampaign employs industry-standard practices to safeguard your data, including encryption during data transmission and storage. They also conduct regular security audits to maintain a secure environment for your email marketing activities.


MailerLite is also committed to compliance and data security. They provide features to help users comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations, such as double opt-in confirmation and subscriber consent tracking. Regarding security, MailerLite follows stringent measures to protect user data, including encryption and secure data centers. They conduct regular security assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety of your data.

Both ActiveCampaign and MailerLite prioritize data protection and security, making them trustworthy options. ActiveCampaign’s comprehensive compliance tools and rigorous security measures are well-suited for users with strict regulatory requirements. MailerLite, while equally committed to compliance and security, offers a streamlined approach, making it an excellent choice for users who need dependable protection without intricate configurations.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts: Our Verdict

In the mailerlite vs activecampaign showdown, we’ve explored two powerful email marketing platforms, each with its own strengths and suitability for different needs.

ActiveCampaign stands out with its robust automation capabilities, making it a top choice for businesses seeking complex workflows and personalized customer journeys. Its diverse integration options and extensive reporting tools provide a comprehensive solution for those who demand data-driven decision-making. When you are intrested, you can also check out my other blog post where you can take a closer look on ActiveCampaign and its features.

On the other hand, MailerLite excels in simplicity and user-friendliness. It’s an ideal choice for beginners and small businesses looking for a straightforward yet effective email marketing tool. Its clean design, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive option.

Your decision between these two platforms should align with your specific goals and requirements. Consider your budget, the complexity of your campaigns, and your comfort level with technology when making your choice.

Ultimately, both MailerLite and ActiveCampaign can help you achieve success in your email marketing endeavors. Whichever path you choose, the key lies in using these tools effectively, crafting engaging content, and nurturing meaningful connections with your subscribers. The success of your email marketing campaigns will depend not just on the platform you select, but how well you leverage its capabilities to connect with your audience and drive your business forward.